The technology comprises comprehensive virtual building 3D design software and machine control software and CNC rollforming machines.  

SCS has two product lines: Panelised Fabrication Systems and Truss Fabrication Systems, although many permutations and combinations are possible, i.e. panels can be used for ceilings, roofs & beams; trusses for floor joists.

The Panelised Fabrication System can build complete Steel Houses Including Walls, Ceiling, Roof Frames & Floor Joists for the residential market.  For the commercial construction sector it can be used to build Completed Steel Buildings Including Roofing Panels, Infill Panelling, External Rain Shield & Internal Partitioning.

The Truss Fabrication Systems produces fully engineered bolted steel trusses and floor joists.

These technologies have been developed for the residential & light commercial markets taking account of operational & economic realities, such as the impracticality of transporting wall frames & roof trusses any distance from the point of manufacture. This means low cost rollformers and production rates suitable for 2 to 4 man teams manufacturing & fabricating light gauge steel panels and/or trusses.  

Both technologies are software & rollformer based using cold rolled steel from 0.55mm to 1.20mm thickness. 



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