Frequently Asked Questions

About Scottsdale

What are the benefits and features of the Scottsdale system?
  • Low Capital Cost Equipment - therefore it's financially easy to get into production
  • Only one section profile for each profile width - so only one coil width is required. Even the truss coil width is the same as the 90mm coil width
  • Our wall Panel machines are Single Phase, so only a normal clean power supply is required. The truss rollformers are 3-phase.
  • The rollformer is easily transportable, extrude on site if required
  • Single operator, no IT skills or steel rolling experience required
  • ScotSteel design software is powerful and leading edge easy-to-use intuitive software, allowing freedom of design and architectural style is virtually unlimited
  • Very few tools required
  • No manual measuring, cutting, drilling or lay-out production jigs required
  • All elements are extruded according to the design, production mistakes are virtually eliminated
  • Low cost semi-skilled production and assembly labour - easy to train
  • Very low wastage
  • Flexibility - use the unique Scottsdale panel ceiling & roof solution or the Scottsdale trusses, whichever is better suited to the application and environment
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What applications is the Scottsdale system suitable for?
  • Residential - from single to three story
  • Commercial and Self-storage buildings
  • External wall in-fill framing for commercial buildings
  • Internal wall fill-in framing
  • Lattice Beam Joist production
  • Steel Truss production
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Is the job made easier for Sub-contractors, and why?
  • Service and plumbing holes are automatically pre-punched
  • No "nail pops" in plasterboard cladding
  • Steel framing is precise and square making insertion of Door and Windows frames easier. Door & window frames will not distort, eliminating jamming
  • Packing of battens to obtain a flat ceiling is not required (using our unique panel ceiling and roof solution)
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What tools are typically required for fabrication?
  • Compressor - typically a 15 CFM single phase compressor is sufficient
  • Rivet gun/s
  • Manual tin snips or electric/pneumatic nibblers
  • Lip flattener (supplied)
  • Erecting frames is easy, only a cordless screw gun/drill is required - frames are screwed together using self drilling Tek screws
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What is the speed of production?
  • Unlike many systems, the Scottsdale system is not a "produce for stock" system. As the elements come out of the rollformer they are immediately assembled and riveted together.
  • Our rollformers can produce elements faster than most fabrication teams can assemble them.
  • In terms of raw line speed the panelised machines can run at 1000m plus per hour.  Normal production speed is between 200-600 m per hour depending on what elements are being produced.  However, the machine can run faster than a team of three to four men can assemble the frames
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What is the speed of frame erection?
  • Typically, a 3-man team can erect all the frames, including wall, ceiling and roof panels in approximately 3 days
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Why should I build using steel?
  • Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio
  • 100% Termite, rodent, borer and dry-rot proof
  • No Splitting
  • No Warping
  • No CrackingNo RottingDimensionally stable
  • Stronger connection - no nails
  • Straighter Walls, squarer cornersLighter than timber frames, less load on foundations and concrete slab
  • No calls backs
  • Steel is the most recycled material in the world
  • Lower transport costs due to lightweight frames
  • No lifting equipment required to erect ceiling and roof panels
  • Completed panels are substantially lighter than timber, 1 man can easily carry a 3m x 2.4m high wall panel
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Is Steel Safe?
  • Steel frames will not bur
  • Lightning will not affect a steel framed house more than a timber one, as steel creates a positive earth. Lightning energy is conducted straight to the ground
  • No chemical treatments as is the case with timber frames
  • Each structure is a fully engineered
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  • We provide comprehensive training & support and backup from initial production set-up
  • ScotSteel designs can easily be emailed from your operation to our support personnel, checked, rectified if necessary and returned to you
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