Scottsdale Construction Systems Limited has been providing leading-edge, total solution technology for the manufacture of lightweight steel frames and trusses since 1995.

The technology can be used for both residential and commercial steel building construction.

The technology can be used on site including in a containerised factory or in a volume factory. 

The Panelised Fabrication System is suitable for complete residential houses including walls, ceilings, supports, floor joists and roof frames.  

The Panelised Fabrication System can be ordered in:

  • 63mm c-section profile for non-load bearing partitioning & bathroom pod markets.
  • 70mm & 76mm c-section profile for modular & transportable applications.
  • 90mm c-section profile for residential and light commercial applications.

The Truss Fabrication Systems produces engineered roof trusses and floor joists.

Many permutations and combinations are possible from these two systems, i.e. panels can be used for ceilings, roofs & beams; trusses for floor joists.


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