Panel Fabrication System

The RF700 series is an intelligent CNC rollforming machine that automatically produces all the framing components of a structure. The computer controlled, servo driven rollforming machine precisely rolls out the steel profile through seven progressive stations.

Incorporating the latest state-of-the-art technology the accuracy of the extruded steel construction components is achievable down to .5mm, which allows all components to be easily assembled, by simple insertion of one element into or over another.

The Series 700 Fabrication Systems includes a powered decoiler, laptop computer, Scotsteel design and ScotRF software.


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Once the steel exits the rollcage and enters the toolhead, the full power and value of the rollformer is realised. Six separate hydraulic functions - cut to length, notch punch, swage, squash, rivet punch, and service hole punch work together to produce components completely ready for assembly. Technology refined to eliminate the need for any additional cutting, measuring or even layout. An optional Plumbing Notch Tool is available for each panelised model.

The rollformer is controlled by a laptop computer, programmed with the easy-to-operate Scottsdale ScotPanel rollformer software. Built on a rugged frame - but lightweight enough to be portable, the rollformer is at home in a high volume fabrication plant or on a job site - you make the choice.

The RF500 series rollformers are similar to the RF700 series, except they produce a C-section profile which is widely accepted in the United Kingdom and Europe. Section widths produced are 90mm and 140mm.

The panelised rollforming system can be ordered in 70mm, 76mm, 90mm and 140mm c-section profiles.


  1. 500 Series 90mm

  2. 500 Series 140mm

  3. 700 Series 63mm

  4. 700 Series 76mm

  5. 700 Series 90mm

  6. 700 Series 140mm

  7. 700 Series 70mm

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