Truss Engineering Software

Once the truss layout is completed in Scotsteel design software the trusses are exported to the Truss Engineering Software.  The Truss Engineering Software performs 146 stress tests on each truss.

The truss engineering software has optimising functionality that ensures you achieve your local engineering requirements but produce a steel truss that is economical in steel usage and competitive in the market place.

The truss engineering software can engineer steel trusses for non-cyclonic through to extreme cyclonic conditions in excess of 180 mph.

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The maximum span to date has been 35 metres on an actual job.  However, 40 metres has been achieved virtually.

Virtually any shaped truss is possible including:

  • Coffered ceilings,
  • Parallel cord trusses
  • Curved trusses,
  • Dual pitched roof trusses,
  • Parallel scissor trusses,
  • Cantilevered trusses and many possibilities.

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