Lightweight Steel Construction

Total solution technology for the manufacture of ligtweight steel construction frames and trusses

Steel Framing Solutions

Flexible and versatile building designs

Scottsdale Construction Systems are leaders in the design and manufacture of lightweight steel construction frames and trusses.

Utilising the latest technology in ‘virtual building 3D design’ and ‘machine control software’, we operate globally providing innovative building solutions to both commercial and residential clients.

Both our Panelised and Truss Fabrication Systems are highly versatile and allow for flexible applications. For example, steel panels can be used across ceilings, beams and roofs.

Panelised Fabrication System

Residential steel houses

Our Panelised Fabrication System is ideal for the residential market providing a complete steel building solution. All aspects of the house can be built using steel panels from the walls to the roof frames, ceiling and floor joists.

Commercial steel buildings

For commercial construction, steel panels offer a versatile ‘total build’ solution with applications covering roofing panels, external rain shields, internal partitioning and infill panelling. 

Truss Fabrication System 

Residential and light commercial trusses and floor joists

Our steel construction technology has been designed to minimise operational costs, taking into consideration the impracticality of transporting wall and roof trusses long distances.

Production rates are suitable for 2-4 person teams, utilising software and rollformer-based technologies in the manufacturing and fabricating process. We use cold rolled steel ranging from 0.55mm to 1.20mm in thickness. 

Steel Framing Solutions

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