One-on-one software and factory training

Using live designs for commercial production

Customer Training & Commissioning

Essential preparation for steel framing success.

Steel Framing System Training

To make the most of Scottsdale’s robust, precision machines and seamless, intelligent software, you need the best training and preparation. At Scottsdale, we recognise the pressing need to get you up and running into the profit zone, and keeping you there. We’re passionate about:

  • your technical training and familiarisation with our machines and software
  • sharing our set up systems and operational know-how with you
  • keeping you up to date with the latest innovations so you can take full commercial advantage

Fast tracking your training is helped by the fact that our:

  • machines are finely engineered yet uncomplicated, without pointless extras
  • software is designed in-house for ease of use and intuitiveness
  • operational know-how is based on 25 years working side-by-side with AFS, one of Australia’s biggest LGS fabricators

Our training will make you a confident, proficient steel framing systems operator in as little time as possible.

New Customer Training Program

Your initial training is part of the quoted package for machines and software. We work closely with you to develop your custom training and commissioning program, using live designs you intend to build as the basis of your training. There are three key areas of initial training:

Scottsteel Software Systems

  • Design — the transformation of architectural plans into a building design (including materials)
  • Engineering — where designs are subject to engineering analysis, based on regulatory standards
  • Rollforming — where the engineered designs are transformed into automatic machine output instructions for optimal production

Commissioning of roll former machines and accessories

Training in safe, efficient operation of your roll formers (panel and/or truss) and decoiler, as well as effective factory layout and operation, including storage of stock and frame assembly.

Training Delivery Methods

There are various options to undertake your training:

  • In your own factory, which is the most common approach, though you may do some of the program remotely
  • At facilities in Brisbane, Australia (production plants large and small) or Napier, New Zealand (our manufacturing HQ)
  • Remote (video conferencing, recorded sessions, Q&A sessions with experts)
  • Combination (customised to suit)
  • Visiting fellow fabricators closer to you. Many of our customers are happy to help newcomers learn the ropes. Wherever you are in the world, we can put you in touch with them. This can also be done in conjunction with remote learning

Training Scope

How long does training take? We help you make the most of our innovations via:

  • Software training (Panel only 7 days)
  • Software training (Panel and Truss 10 days)
  • Machines, decoiler and factory floor operation (2–3 days)

Ongoing Training

The major aspect of ongoing training is in software systems. Scottsdale releases two software updates per year. You’ll receive an email for each new release with:

  • download and installation instructions
  • release notes
  • introductory videos
  • links to further reading

Training for these is also undertaken via customer webinars with an opportunity to ask live questions in a group setting so you also receive the benefit of fellow users’ insights.

At times you’ll also need to:

  • refresh previous learning
  • onboard new staff

That’s when you’ll need our Customer Knowledge Base site. It retains all the training notes, videos and materials for the Scottsdale system, including software, machines and accessories, as well as business operations.

It’s part of your service package. And you can always just make an online service request or call/email us for advice and assistance if you prefer.

Our Global Training Experience

Everyone wants the best possible coach/trainer they can find. Scottsdale has a superb winning record and the adaptability to make the training experience relevant to all steel framing businesses, no matter their size. The results of Scottsdale training are impressive:

  • Over 1000 of our machines are operating in over 80 countries, having produced billions of lineal metres of steel framing
  • Some of our machines are still producing 4.5 million lineal metres of steel per annum more than 20 years after purchase.
  • We have also previously provided local country training in many countries including throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, South Pacific, the Middle East, Australasia and North America.

Small or large companies, we train anyone, including simultaneous single or multiple-machine training, as well as large teams.

Get up to speed on Steel Framing faster

Contact us to discuss your steel framing system needs and we’ll show you how Scottsdale can help you to get operational and profitable sooner.

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