24 homes in 24 hours

Emergency Housing South Africa

Homes that you can pack up, load on a truck and put up in 5 minutes

TAHZADE DISASTER MANAGEMENT (TDM) was first introduced to Scottsdale Technology through Steve Cullender, Scottsdale Construction Systems’ local South African agent, back in 2006.


Rajan Harinarian, a South African entrepreneur, came up with the idea of a foldaway home following a fire disaster in KwaZulu Natal when 200 people were left homeless.

The house is a reusable emergency housing unit which could be used as an alternative to housing disaster victims who find themselves living in inhuman conditions

The Complete Package

The Scottsdale system allows TDM to produce all the frames in an environment unaffected by the elements and delivered to the required disaster areas.

The 24 square metre houses takes three minutes to erect. The house can accommodate six people and supplies all with adequate cover during times of disaster.

Utilising the speed of the Scottsdale system and the unique patent of Rajan Harinarain, TDM are able to produce 24 homes in a 24 hour time period.

TDM Purchase:

Series 700 63mm Panelised Fabrication System x 3,

Series 700 90mm Panelised Fabrication System

Recently TDM purchased a 90mm Scottsdale machine to provide a thicker cavity on some of their more permanent structures.

TDM continue to supply housing into a market in South Africa where there is a shortage of both temporary and permanent housing

The Result

Rajan Harinarain innovative idea was recently rewarded with a nomination for the Johnny Walker Awards.

TDM have supplied over 1,800 homes for people who have been ravaged by natural disasters in the Easter Cape alone. TDM will now be focusing their efforts on other parts of South Africa.

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