Steel Framing Systems

The Scottsdale steel framing system is a complete light gauge steel manufacturing solution: roll forming machinery; design and engineering software; global 24/7 support

Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems

A complete steel framing system for light gauge & cold-formed steel fabrication.

Scottsdale provides an all-in-one LGS / CFS fabrication system that makes it easier to get started with light gauge steel fabrication, faster to achieve a return on investment and continues to support you for sustained growth.

We have over 25 years experience in steel framing systems, with in-house development of roll forming machinery, design and engineering software, along with a global support network. Our proven, reliable systems are now operating in over 80 countries around the world.

The Scottsdale Steel Framing System


Engineered for precision and durability, these robust roll forming machines include panel and truss roll formers, as well as decoilers. They are a perfect balance of capability and cost, without unnecessary extras. Every product option in our roll forming range is justified by a capability that adds to your bottom line.


Our user-friendly software transforms architectural designs into true 3D layouts for panels and trusses, performs relevant engineering analysis, and readily syncs with the roll formers, guiding production output efficiently and seamlessly.


We support you as you grow with us, through 24/7 worldwide assistance, maintenance and spare parts, online knowledge base, and design/detailing expertise. Our flexible support package options work for all operator sizes, either tied to how much steel you fabricate, right up to unlimited support plans.

An expert team to support you along your steel framing journey

Scottsdaleā€™s strength lies in our commitment to developing an end-to-end steel framing system in house (rather than outsourcing) and supporting our customers every step of the way with a highly experienced team.

Our diverse team works with steel framing fabrication businesses of all shapes and sizes, around the world, to help their businesses to be successful. Watch the video below to hear firsthand from our people in manufacturing, software design, new customer onboarding, technical support and more.

A diverse steel framing system suited to most applications.

The Scottsdale system can be used for a wide range of steel framing applications in residential housing, commercial buildings, and modular structures.


Light gauge steel frames and trusses for single and two-storey residential buildings up to five-level apartment buildings. Read about our residential steel framing capability.


Standalone structures up to eight levels, with no height limit for internal walls or external rain guards. Frames can be built onsite with the rollformer operating on each floor as constructed. Discover our commercial steel framing experience.


Our system is well suited to modular, allowing high speed, in-factory manufacture of transportable and modular buildings and pods. See our experience in steel framing for modular construction.

Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems

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