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Complete solution for the design and fabrication of light gauge steel framing

Design Software

The power to design

Scottsdale is the leading supplier of software & hardware solutions to the building industry and its design software is the most advanced, complete solution for design and fabrication of light gauge steel framing for residential and light commercial construction. The software is powerful, intuitive, easy to use software which reduces the traditional multi step fabrication process down to one integrated solution.

ScotSteel Software

ScotSteel the heart of the Scottsdale system, state of the art, industry leading design software used to interpret the architectural designs into steel panel designs. Powerful and flexible, ScotSteel is capable of designing virtually any element (walls, roof, ceilings, floors and even items such as gable panels, overhang outlookers, soffit panels and more) into panel assemblies ready to run on the rollforming machine.

Design to production in no time!

A true 3D design tool, ScotSteel allows you to easily see what’s being designed. Developed with the designer in mind, default settings handle most job specific variables. Each element is defined by a set of properties which allows the user to quickly and accurately develop a model – built the way you want it! Intuitive and easy to learn, you will love how items are linked together so one adjustment means everything else still fits. Complicated design tasks are handled quickly and accurately without all the complicated input.

Feature rich and very fast, ScotSteel has the tools you need to spend more time adding up sales and less time adding up design hours.

Powerful ScotLayout software is now incorporated in ScotSteel for fast simple extensive plan layout design. ScotSteel exports production files to ScotPanel rollformer software simply, seamlessly and accurately.

ScotSteel designs and panel production accuracy is determined at the design stage so consistent volume production does not require high skill levels on the factory floor, as there is no welding, measuring, cutting, or specialised tool skills required, just assembly with riveting guns and self drilling fasteners. ScotSteel allows the user to design complex multi-level or split-level buildings, followed by automatic frame generation. All design work can be done in ScotSteel without the need to import 3D DXF files from architecture or CAD software - but ScotSteel can import a DXF floor plan from programs like Chief Architect, ArchiCAD or AutoCAD to enable quick wall generation from an architect's electronic plans.

Some features of ScotSteel:

  • All design work in one software package, no need for Architecture software, leading to faster design capability
  • Steel quantities for all elements known prior to production
  • Powerful Auto Roof Tool
  • Database library of opening sizes (for doors and windows)
  • Plate generation for Lintels, X-bracing, vertical and horizontal bracing
  • Powerful new Print-out options
  • DXF import and 3D DXF export
  • Export steel usage data into Excel (.csv format)
  • Improved graphics
  • Powerful editing tools
  • Auto design tools - floor and ceiling joists and truss lay-out
  • Stud to truss alignment tool and truss layouts
  • Frame and element overlap checking tools
  • Powerful new 3D editing tools
  • View structure in 3D steel or 3D panels, or a combination of both

Partial listing of ScotSteel features:


  • Intuitive – easy to learn
  • Default driven
  • Graphical data entry
  • 2D and 3D views
  • Full 3D viewing from any angle
  • Design any frame (roof, ceiling, wall, floor, soffit, overhangs, and many more
  • Full integrated truss design

Designer productivity tools

  • Variable snap to settings
  • Tool tips on all icons
  • Hide/View feature
  • Lock frame position
  • Dynamic zooming
  • Status bar prompts
  • Multiple level undo
  • Shapes wizard
  • Automatic wall alignment
  • Use defined naming convention
  • Variable frame thickness, height & type
  • CAD line tools
  • Frame grouping view by frame group
  • Multi-level (up to 5 unique levels)
  • Level filter
  • Frame type filter

Structural design features

  • Automatic structure control
  • Automatic inline framing
  • Cladding thickness adjustment
  • Gable any wall
  • Auto solve roof/ceiling planes
  • Dynamic frame positioning
  • Fully framed openings automatically
  • User defined nog/blocking positioning

 Build option features

  • Electrical service hole positioning
  • Plumbing hole positioning
  • User designated frame installation tolerance
  • One click door/window placement
  • User defined door and window libraries
  • Reposition doors/windows dynamically

Printing & import / export features

  • Group printing
  • Print any view
  • Steel usage report by frame group
  • Modify text size & colour

Design quality check tools

  • Plan check for wall overlap/unjoined walls & panels
  • Frame search tool
  • Steel collision check tool
  • Colour keyed material orientation indicators


  • Dimension snap to either frames edge or centre line
  • Reposition doors/windows with dynamic dimension editing
  • Metric or Imperial input/output & dimensioning
  • Dynamic dimensioning

Import / export

  • Import & Export industry standard .dxf files
  • Bitmap export
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