Scotruss - the power to build

Completely intuitive, ScotRF software will have you producing light gauge steel frames and trusses in minutes.

Rollformer Software

Producing light gauge steel trusses in minutes

Once frames are designed using ScotSteel 3D design software, they are exported to our two production software packages – ScotPanel and ScotTruss.

They are checked before being automatically cut to length, punched, notched and swaged by our CNC-controlled rollformer.

Operating ScotRF rollformer software is easy and provides a powerful tool with constant visual representation of the extrusion process.

Our ScotRF Truss software performs a bridge between the design/engineering software and our Series 600 rollformer. It’s highly intuitive, interpreting the geometric data from the design and engineering software and converting it into machine commands for the rollformer. Light gauge steel trusses can be produced in minutes.

ScotPanel & ScotTruss production software

Simple in design, powerful in application


ScotPanel is the most advanced and intuitive production software available. It acts as a conduit between ScotSteel and the Series 500 and 700 rollformer interpreting the design data into precise machine instructions.

Default settings allow instant, accurate configuration of the machine regardless of complexity whilst on-screen graphics deliver clear images of the panel being produced.

It also delivers real time machine diagnostics for optimal performance and colour coded graphics to indicate the order of each piece on the assembly line.

ScotPanel Features

  • Selected frame run order or design run order
  • Quantity multiplier
  • Pause control
  • Manual function controls
  • Full function frame editor
  • Item wizard
  • Simulation mode
  • Pause between panel toggle
  • Coil tracking/job production monitoring
  • Metric/Imperial mode
  • User defined scaled display
  • Default device punch locations (or designer defined)
  • Fully adjustable tool settings
  • Fully adjustable steel settings
  • Complete tool counters
  • Simple calibration function
  • Real time diagnostic status
  • Onscreen material display
  • Material sequence colour indicators

Advanced features

  • Real time ink jet printing (with printer option)
  • Hydraulic operation counters
  • User defined frame order production
  • “Speed control” of production
  • User defined door and window libraries
  • Reposition doors/windows dynamically


Similar in features to ScotPanel, ScotTruss software provides comprehensive and powerful editing tools. It enables an operator to make emergency alterations to the truss without revisiting the design.

Advanced, real time features include ink jet printing (optional), user defined truss orders, a hydraulic operation counter and speed control placing it at the forefront of light gauge steel production software.

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