2019 January Update


Author: Rob Siganto

2019 PROMISES to be a big year for Scottsdale and our clients.  To get it started we would like to introduce you to the inaugural Scottsdale newsletter.  Our aim is to use this publication to keep you up to date with Scottsdale news, share some stories and learnings from our clients, talk about developments in our software and machinery, and introduce you to the broader Scottsdale team.

This issue we feature a case study on an iconic Queensland company, Brett's, who have grown their timber business by extending their product offering to steel. We also share the story of one of our team members who have taken the leap and set-up their own fabrication business, Elite Framing Solutions. Details of our upcoming March software update are highlighted, and we also introduce you to our new Australian Sales Manager. 
This year our focus is on further enhancing our Scottsdale business model which is based on supporting and helping our clients grow their business. Traditionally, this has been with software, machinery, and design support. However, we realise our insights from owning and running a large steel fabrication business ourselves, can also significantly increase the value we offer our clients.

We now proudly offer a broader service using our operating experience from our own fabricating business Australian Framing Solutions. Our clients are welcome to visit our Brisbane facility to learn what we do and how to apply these learnings to their own environments.  It’s a great opportunity to understand different parts of the business including the functional areas of sales, lead generation, estimating, detailing, manufacture, transportation, install and financial services.  Feel free to contact Scott Kimble or his team to find out more or arrange a visit.

I would also like to bring to your attention the key projects our R&D team have in the pipeline which are set for release in the upcoming months:


  1. Management Dashboard;  This application will provide a management dashboard of your rollforming machine metrics and performance for business analysis and forecasting.
  2. Revit; We are close to releasing our plans to allow users to design in both Revit and Scottsdale.  We expect to launch a solution by March 2019 if not sooner. 


  1. Our new 3” or 75mm Truss Rollformer Machine will allow significantly larger and more cost-effective spans to the commercial market and will also benefit the residential market.
  2. Our new 12 Gauge or 2mm 140 Panel Rollformer Machine will allow the construction of additional floors to light gauge structures and access to markets who currently view LGS as 1.6mm steel. 

Thank you once again for your continued support and I look forward to working with you to make your business more successful in 2019 and the years to come. As always, we value your feedback so please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with me directly either by email or phone.
+61 417 275 799

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