Meet The Team - Grant Murfin


Author: Rob Siganto

Each Issue we will introduce you to one of our valued team members.  This issue we’re profiling our double dan black belt karate kicking product manager, Grant Murfin.

Grant has been part of the Scottsdale family for over 14 years and although over that time he has been instrumental in many projects, he is best known for helping clients get the most out of their software and machines.  Any questions on updates, new product releases, training, or trouble shooting….Grant’s your guy. 

What’s the most satisfying project you’ve worked on whilst at Scottsdale & why?

Developing our own in-house SCS Truss software, giving our customers the flexibility to complete the whole process from Design; Engineer and manufacture of trusses using only Scottsdale software.

What do you predict will change in the industry over the next 10 years?

Modern methods and new technology developments are continually being developed, changing the construction industry on a daily basis. Costs and lead times will play a big factor, therefore contractors are always looking for that competitive edge, which is why Modular Construction is becoming more popular allowing as much off-site assembly as possible. These types of projects can be completed 60x faster through the Modular Construction method, giving LGS a huge advantage in the market place.

What did you do before working at Scottsdale?

Before joining Scottsdale I worked at Pryda as a tool……. I started my careers with an apprenticeship as a Tool Jig and Die maker working for an automotive manufacturer in Port Elizabeth, RSA. These skills have proven very useful over the years.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Spend time at work :-)

Spend time with my family and play sports.

Favourite building in the world and why?

The Gherkin, London, for its 360 degree views and awesome architecture, with only a single piece of curved glass.

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