Efficient, low cost, powerful and user friendly

Factory facilities that require minimal infrastructure

The Total Solution

Our technology offers a “Total Solution” that is the most efficient and cost competitive solution available today for the design and fabrication of light gauge steel panels and trusses for the residential and light commercial markets.

Our automated framing systems “total solution” is comprised of:

  • Powerful, user friendly ScotSteel Design software, ScotRF rollforming software and ScotTruss engineering software for panel and truss design that easily syncs with the roll former.
  • Low cost Automated Roll Forming Equipment that is at home in a plant or on the job site including the
    • Series 700 and 500 Panelised Fabrication Systems
    • Series 600 Truss Fabrication System
  • Low cost containerised factories ready for deployment for onsite construction
  • Comprehensive training on software, roll former operation, and maintenance

Our Automated Roll Forming Equipment can roll steel from 0.55mm to 1.0mm in high tensile material and 1.2mm in medium tensile.

To establish a factory facility requires very little in the way of infrastructure, namely there is no major capital plant as our roll formers manufacture 100% of the profile components, with assembly the only other key element.

Our Automated Rollforming Equipment can roll steel from 0.55mm to 1.0mm in high tensile G550 grade galvanised steel and 1.2mm in medium tensile G350 grade galvanised steel.

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