Timber Business Shapes New Future With Scottsdale Steel Hybrid Model


Author: Rob Siganto

A 100-YEAR-OLD timber specialist expanding into steel fabrication may be considered a sell out by some in the industry, but Brett’s Timber and Hardware has successfully shifted its business model with the change paying dividends for the company with double digit growth in less than 12 months.

Darren Harris of BDM Manufacturing, the Queensland based company behind the iconic Brett’s brand, said they implemented the new growth strategy in the face of a major client loss.

“The industry is changing, and we were aware the impact steel was having but when our largest frame and truss client called to let us know they would be converting over 50 percent of their materials to steel we knew the time was right for us to shift our model,” he said.

Within three months of the phone call Brett’s Timber and Hardware had started a new steel fabrication division on site utilising the Scottsdale Construction System, providing steel roof trusses and frames.

“We researched a number of companies that could help us with steel rolling software and equipment, but few could offer expertise in business development. Scottsdale assisted us with the full set up of the new division, from providing the machines and technology to do the physical job but also regarding business set up, staffing and training. The onsite support they provided ensured a smooth transition for everyone in the business.”

Mr Harris said industry experts predicted up to a 30 percent increase in the use of steel framing within the building industry over the next decade.

“The shift of Brett’s Timber and Hardware to a hybrid steel and timber supplier has been successful and opened up immense growth potential for our company. The key is that we were able to move quickly in the face of change.

“Traditionalists in the industry might see us as traitors but to survive in business you need to be aware of market shifts current and impending, and the integration of steel into the building industry is one that cannot be ignored. Changing to this hybrid model enables us to offer clients a solution for all structural needs.”

“The use of steel is only going to increase in the industry and smart operators will be ready to meet market demand. More and more builders are using a combination of steel and timber framing and we are ready now to adapt easily with market shifts.”

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