State-of-the-art technology with precision accuracy

Allows all components to be easily assembled, by simple insertion of one element into or over another.

Panel Fabrication System

Automatic production of complete steel components

Our computer controlled RF700 series CNC rollforming machine produces an accurate (down to .5mm) rollout of steel profiles through seven progressive stations.

It allows all components to be easily assembled by simply inserting one element into/or over another.

RF700 series

The Series 700 Fabrication System operates from a laptop computer utlilising ScotSteel design and ScotRF software and includes a powered decoiler.

It provides six individual hydraulic functions that work together (cut to length, swage, notch punch, squash, rivet punch and service hole punch) accurately producing components ready for assembly.

Easy to use and transport, it’s built on a robust yet lightweight frame making it ideal for either a high volume fabrication plant or on-site job.

RF500 series

Similar to the RF700 rollformer, the RF500 series produces a C-section profile, widely used in the United Kingdom and Europe, with section widths of 90mm and 140mm.

The system is available in 70mm, 76mm, 90mm and 140mm C-section profiles.

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