Could You be Rolling Twice as Much?


Author: Rob Siganto

Over the years we have worked closely with many of our clients to establish best operational practice to increase their volume output. One of the key focus areas is ensuring RF operators and their teams have clear and accurate instructions and understand how to best manage production output. One of our most experienced team members, Lance Curry, explains the importance of sharing knowledge and working closely with clients to improve their productivity. 

“What I find is rivet gangs must be instructed in the correct way from the very start otherwise they revert back to what they know and it’s so hard for them to change. A good team will try to keep up with the rollformer as they like to think they can keep up and it becomes a race between man and machine. So it’s important not to run the roll formers too fast at the beginning and then speed it up as the team gets faster. If you keep rolling product out when people are getting behind and items are piling up around them then they begin to realize there is no hope to ever catching up so they actually start working slower.

For me the RF operator is the key person getting the items out on time in the correct orientation and sometimes putting in a rivet by hand for his 2 riveters when they begin to get behind. Most RF operators should always hesitate to press the pause button unless absolutely necessary. The RF operator would place the next frame bottom and top plate on the floor and then place the first stud and nog also on the ground in the correct orientation while the 2 riveters are finishing off the last frame. Once the frame is removed then it’s just a simple case of placing the 3 elements on the stands and the team can catchup quickly from there.

Another problem some rivet teams have is too many workers. Sometimes its easer on your own as you get the hole lined up and then someone moves it thinking they are helping you. The rule is 1x RF operator and 2x riveters.

Another point… Across the board everyone I have worked with will get the royal treatment about not sitting on their heels putting rivets in from underneath rather than standing. There are so many techniques that experienced riveters can pass on to a company that have let their technique either slip or were not given proper instruction from the start. 

If we had a race fabricating against our competitors we would win hands down without a doubt.”

Over the years Lance and the team have proven how their experience can significantly increase output.  In the Bahamas they took a business who was rolling between 400 – 600m per day and doubled it almost immediately. They have worked closely with companies such as Dragonfly and Ecofast to identify weaknesses, refine their operations and significantly increase volume.

As a business we believe that success comes from partnerships and the sharing of knowledge. To discuss how the Scottsdale team can help increase the amount you are rolling, please email

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