Meet The Team - Scott Kimble


Each Issue we will introduce you to one of our valued team members. 

This issue we’re profiling our Director of global operations, Scott Kimble.

Most satisfying project you’ve worked on whilst at Scottsdale & why?
The development of our own fully engineered truss system. Previously we were too reliant on a third party supplier to make enhancements and changes, whereas now we can do these ourselves. It was a far greater project than we anticipated, but a great feeling when we completed it. Also the ability to roll this out into other countries and with other profiles is exciting and something we are currently doing.
What did you do prior to joining the Scottsdale team?
Ran an internet media company in South Africa for 10 years
What do you do at Scottsdale?
Started out in sales and now run the operations of the business
What do you predict will change in the industry over the next 10 years?
I believe the industry will become more modular. More and more work will take place within in a controlled environment within the factory. Cladding, insulation, electrical & plumbing will all be pre-installed and transported to site.
In markets where labour costs are high, the use of robotics for fabrication will also become an option
Where were you born?
Durban, South Africa
Do you have kids?  If so how many?
Connor 15 and Kelly 11
What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Holiday with the family and play sport. My son and I both play cricket, so summer is an extremely competitive time of the year in our household
Favourite building in the world and why?

My house as it is the very first steel framed building I have owned and lived in
Beside from that the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is a spectacular building with incredible views. The sheer size is frightening to think what the builders endured at that height. 

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