New Fixed Price Service & Support option will help your bottom line


Author: Rob Siganto

Managing costs is a key part of any business, including steel framing fabrication.

Whether you are just starting off or scaling up for new growth, Scottsdale has a new support pricing option that puts you in control.

What’s on offer? 2 Pricing Plans

You can choose which of these options best sits flush within your business framework:

  1. The New Fixed Price Plan: a fixed annual fee per machine
  2. The existing per-metre (per-foot) Consumption-Based Plan: using a pre-paid card system that tracks your machine usage

Both options provide the same solid support you’ve come to expect from Scottsdale. The only difference you’ll notice is to your costs and operational control.

The best option for growing steel framing fabricators

The Fixed Annual Fee for software and support is ideal if your steel fabrication operation is growing, or planning for growth. You’ll be better able to budget annual operating expenses and capitalise the upfront cost as much as possible.

Of course, lower volume fabricators who only want to pay for what they use can still choose the consumption model using the prepaid card system, which also has a smaller up-front cost.

Set and forget or pay by play. The choice is yours.

“We’re always working to make the Scottsdale ecosystem more flexible and responsive to the changing needs and circumstances of individual steel fabrication businesses, including builders”, says managing director Rob Siganto. “This new fixed price package delivers on that. And look out soon for more options.”

The level of support hasn’t changed: unlimited

Irrespective of which Support Pricing Plan you choose, the level of support and quality of service you receive doesn’t change. You will still receive unlimited software licences, unlimited support requests (including phone calls and emails), and fast response times.

  • Unlimited service and support
  • Machine service and maintenance
  • Unlimited software licenses and updates every April and October
  • Design and detailing support
  • 24/7 worldwide request for service
  • Response within 24 hours

Should I change my plan?

Whichever package you choose, you’ll still receive the same high quality support you’ve grown used to from Scottsdale.

If you’re well over the 48,000 linear metre threshold, request an info pack to switch to the new plan. If you’re on the borderline, not sure, or have any other queries, get in touch with us. We’ll sit down with you and work out the best deal for your business.

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