Major New Software Releases Boost Steel Framing Startups


Author: Rob Siganto

The steel framing business isn’t just about rollforming machines and raw materials, but also the necessary software that tees it all up.

A groundbreaking new software release by Scottsdale is designed to make steel framing more efficient and profitable, especially for start-up operators. The new release has savings and efficiencies across the board, with a triple header of special features:

One-Click Structural Engineering Analysis

Perform advanced Finite Element Analysis on each panel/truss within seconds.

Structural Engineering Analysis is a new, interactive feature that allows you to choose any frame in a design, define the loads and load combinations to apply to nodes and members, and then run analysis on that frame, all within the Scottsdale Software.

Previously, performing analysis would have required manual translation of the design geometry to an engineering model (with nodes and elements) using 3rd party software — a laborious task. You would then define loads within that software to enable you to perform the analysis that obtains displacements, forces, and moments.

Our latest engineering software development provides advanced finite element analysis (FEA) methodology on a panel or truss within seconds, with just one click. It outputs the automated analysis to a spreadsheet for easy review of results. This allows member/design checking against the requirements in your country.

Within the program you simply:

  1. select and display a frame
  2. review nodes and members
  3. configure support/boundary/restraint conditions
  4. define the loads and load combinations
  5. simply click ‘Run Analysis’ to view results.

Structural analysis is globally consistent and not subject to regional and national differences, so is available for the engineering operations of all Scottsdale customers. It saves on engineering time and cost, and reduces the risk of error.

Printed Fabrication Layouts

Improve floor staff efficiency in fabrication and assembly.

Previously, within the ScotSteel design software, you could choose to print frame details for the selected frame or groups of frames. This would provide a basic PDF printout, marking dimensions exterior to the drawing, with only the perimeter items specifically listed.

The new Fabrication Print Outs replace these with a more detailed version. Designed to make fabrication and printing easier for your staff working on the floor, it numbers every fabricated item on the drawing and lists them, with details, including optimal order of assembly. The printout comes directly and solely from the design software and provides all the required information. This is fully integrated with the selections you have made, including:

  • Frame name
  • Profile type, gauge, and tensile strength
  • Item orientation (left, right, up, down)
  • Production order numbering and lengths of each item
  • Table to add bracing details
  • Option to add your own customised company logo.

This prints out for each steel frame when it is being assembled, for use whether in the factory or flat packed for onsite delivery, as shown below.

Truss Engineering Self Certification (AUSTRALIA ONLY)

Take advantage of the arrival of self certification for steel truss engineering.

With timber trusses already able to be self-certified in Australia, it was important for us to take on the task of modifying our software so this can happen for steel trusses.

We are now very pleased to announce the successful introduction of our new self-certification feature, automating many processes to save time and money.

This is a boon for the many builders and fabricators who are either shifting to steel framing or who use it as an alternative when market supply, project design or customer choice dictates.

Choose when to use Self-Certification

We’ve still retained a choice though, to self-certify or not, depending on your individual circumstances and capability. This happens when configuring the Engineering Environment from within our ScotSteel design software. You’re prompted to choose between “Non Self-Certification” and “Self-Certification”.

Once in Self Certification mode, you can enter various factors into the system such as roof material, wind region, snow region and site altitude. The system automatically generates the loads. Any limiting factors to self-certification, such as length of the building, are automatically set in the software, so you know if you need an engineer for a particular project.

In summary, you’ll need only a detailer and certifier, but not an engineer. Scottsdale trains you and/or your staff, and assesses user competence, then issues a number that enables use of the system, including certification of drawings. The software generates a truss self-certification document as a PDF.

Outside of Australia?

If you’re in a country other than Australia, please advise us once regulators allow Self-Certification. Our team can then work on software modifications that meet the building and design codes in your country.

Even more software improvements

These three big moves aren’t all we’ve done for this software release. As part of our ongoing commitment to increasing in-house software capability and optimising usability, we’ve also made some additional enhancements to the software, and sorted out a few bugs.

Training and operational support

Don’t worry if some of this article sounds a bit technical. Scottsdale has your back.

We’re not only leaping ahead with these cost saving innovations from our software team, but we also help you make the most of them. We don’t just train your design, detailing and engineering staff/contractors. We help you find them in the first place.

At Scottsdale, we know steel framing inside out, and that includes software. Our business set up and operational know-how is second to none, and we’re passionate about sharing it with new customers. Our success is built on yours, so we make sure you start off on the right foot.

Talk to us

Together with current market conditions, this all makes for an ideal time to start a steel framing business within the Scottsdale ecosystem.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about our groundbreaking software, robust roll forming machines, 24/7 support, and unique business setup and operational know-how.

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