Scottsdale Knowledge Base powers steel fabrication businesses


Author: Rob Siganto

Most people in house framing fabrication and the construction industry in general are self-starting types who want to get on with the job and take pride in solving problems. They know that knowledge is power.

And as more businesses enter the light gauge steel fabrication market, they not only need the best roll forming machines, software, support and business planning, but also be able to tap into an effective source of knowledge to quickly answer questions, solve problems and power on.

That’s why the team at Scottsdale has developed a new online Knowledge Base.

For those in the steel framing business who use the Scottsdale ecosystem, the Knowledge Base has all there is to know about Scottsdale products and services, with two simple ways to find what you need.

Easy to find help on steel framing and fabrication

The Knowledge Base is broken up into categories making it simple to find what you're looking for very quickly. Each category has sub-menus with links to articles, PDF manuals, training videos and even design files and photographs.

These categories are a great way to explore the Knowledge Base and then to hone in on a particular area of knowledge:

  1. Software — Scottsdale Software, including Installation and Configuration
  2. Design — creating designs, and using the ScotSteel product
  3. Engineering — conducting engineering tasks for a design
  4. Layout — creating layouts, including how to use ScotLayout
  5. Roll forming — manuals for truss and panel roll formers
  6. Construction — construction of truss and panels as well as connection types and use
  7. Training — get up and running quickly using the Scottsdale Software, including full video-based training
  8. Examples — examples via the Scottsdale Design Library, as well as building photos from Scottsdale customers
  9. Support — getting support, including activating the software and using the RFS system

Global Search Bar

If you know what you're looking for, the fastest way to get there is often to use the Search Bar on the Knowledge Base home page. It provides suggestions as you type, for articles that relate to your search terms.

Help us continually improve the Knowledge Base

There are also feedback buttons on every page, so you can inform us if you found a given article, video or document helpful or in need of improvement. Your knowledge helps to continuously improve the portal.

The benefits for your business

As a Scottsdale customer, our Knowledge Base can help you:

  • easily find the most helpful materials
  • develop new ideas
  • be able to trouble shoot for your customers
  • save time and money.

The Knowledge Base is yet another new aspect to Scottsdale’s total steel fabrication “ecosystem", which helps you succeed in operating and growing your steel fabrication operations. It includes:

  • Panel roll forming and truss roll forming machines
  • Design, engineering and roll forming software
  • Knowledge Base and 24/7 support service
  • Business setup, know-how and operational support

It’s also who you know

To learn about the opportunities offered by Scottsdale steel framing solutions, including how the new Knowledge Base can power your business, enquire now about joining the Scottsdale family.

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